SEJONG A National Agency for Administrative City Construction

National Agency for Administrative City Construction

We are constructing a world model city representing the 21st century Dynamic Korea.

Excellent Human Resources

If you plan to do business in Sejong, all the brains you need are right here. You have a huge pool of high-quality human resources from corporations as well as national and international research institutes. Don’t forget to check out graduates from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and the Global University Town.

Ring Shape


Yes, people say it’s like a doughnut, but with “dough” still in the center. Because the “dough” or the center of the city is literally in the center, you have easy access to various city functions. It shortens commuting time, offers convenient public transportation use, and helps us better prepared against natural disasters.



Thanks to its geographical location and convenient transportation system, Sejong is within 2 hours reach from all around the country. It takes no less than 2 hours from Incheon International Airport and 30 minutes from Cheongjoo International Airport by car. Also, if you want to take a train, you can enjoy a 50-minute high speed ride from Seoul.

Being Green

A Base of Municipal Symbols

Sejong wants to be a fore-runner in the worldwide conversation about going green. Aiming at reducing 70% CO2 emission by 2030, Sejong plans to replace 15% of total energy usage with renewable energy. More than half the size of the whole city will be green. Enjoy the beauty of green at the Central Park.
NAACC Doum 6-ro, Sejong-si 30103, Republic of Korea